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Welcome to Biology Network!

We will soon get more details at this site for biology network.


Networking Biology Teachers, students and researchers:

People concerned with the idea of improving biology teaching-learning scenario in India may not be few, but they are certainly far between, today. BIOLOGY NETWORK is an attempt started before the Internet era in 1989, at CCMB, Hyderabad on the sidelines of the All India Cell Biology Congress, to net-work teachers, students and researchers in biology so that information available anywhere will be made use of by biologists everywhere. This, in effect, means that the resource-rich will find an opportunity to share their skill, knowledge and facilities with the resource-poor to empower the huge number of biologists in the hinterland.

We are also promoting open-access/free-access movements started by Public Library of Science (PLoS), among others.

One of our aims is to encourage a new form of translation-research, by ploughing back research findings and techniques developed in centers of scientific excellence, for curriculum development in Universities,colleges and schools.


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